Thursday, June 26, 2014

McDougald headed For A Showdown


6/23/2014 – This Friday, June 27th, kicks off the start of the Summer Showdown

at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. 200 laps of Super Late Model action on
the big 5/8th mile paved oval, and “Terrible” Tim McDougald is set to bring the #68 Mo-

Dane Trucking / Clevenger Associates / Rev-Equip / Ringers Gloves Toyota Camry for

some action.

After a promising run in the Galloway Memorial Shootout came to an early end

when the engine let go, McDougald is now regrouped, refocused and reloaded for a

return to the big “Super Speedway of the West” and try one more time for that solid run

that has eluded him this season. “We’ve really struggled just to finish a race here lately,”

said McDougald. “It’s been tough, watching each race go by without seeing us finish one.

I really don’t know what the issue is. We’ve had some engine problems, which you’re not

supposed to have with these crate motors. But for some reason, we have. I feel like we

just can’t shake the monkey.”

After a long weekend, the team is back on track and ready for competition once more. A

good thing, facing the biggest race of the year in just a few short days. “We’re certainly

excited heading into the Showdown,” said McDougald. “This race is a big deal. Not just

here locally, but on the National level. We’re seeing a lot of interest from all over the

Country. When you put up that kind of money, it tends to draw all the big names. We’re

certainly not on that list of big names. But it’s our house and we feel like we can

compete. The biggest ting will be not beating our self. We haven’t done a very good job

of that lately, so hopefully we’ll turn things around here and get this program headed

back in the right direction.”

McDougald went into the last race with the goal of just finishing. Now, things have

changed slightly. With a new goal and a new focus, this race brings new stress for the

small team from Tacoma, Washington. “We were looking for any checkered flag we

could find before,” joked McDougald. “I would have settled for going to the dollar store

and buying one there, it’s been a tough run. But I’m looking at this race a little different.

We have to make this show. I don’t want to be trying to race my way through the LCQ

(Last Chance Qualifier). I believe we can race our way in through the heat races. I really

believe we have a shot at that, so that’s the main goal. No playing around, no falling back

on this or that. We need to race our way in through that heat race. If I end up in the LCQ

then we’ll deal with that there. But one way or another, we need to make this show.

That’s the current bar, that’s where it’s set, that’s what we need to achieve. It’s pretty

much that simple. Am I stressed about it? You bet I am. But I think we can do it.”

You don’t want to miss the biggest race, on the biggest track in the state, with the biggest

names in Super Late Model racing, this Friday and Saturday at Evergreen Speedway. Be

sure to catch this one, and cheer for home-town hero “Terrible” Tim McDougald in the

#68 Mo-Dane Trucking / Clevenger Associates / Rev-Equip / Ringers Gloves Toyota

Camry as he puts his team up against the toughest competition around in the 2014

Summer Showdown!

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